Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Why is it impossible to find people that are willing to do their jobs without blaming you, the customer, for their woes? I was at the bank today to grab a few temporary checks because I ran out yesterday. Now, this is an issue due to my own incompetence and I would understand if an individual at the bank might be a bit annoyed that they must go print out a few checks for some dumbass that didn't order new ones when he should have. As I walked into the bank and asked someone at the front desk for help, she told me that she was unable to complete that task for me and a woman walking by instructed me to come to her desk so that she could get the temporaries printed out. I gave her my information and showed her my I.D. - she kindly asked if I would like to order more checks (probably not her job) and I politely asked her to do so. Everything went off without a hitch and the woman helping me was a shining example of someone with respect for her job.

I'm now going to take time out of my day to find a way to send some feedback to the bank about the experience I had and the great service provided by this employee. Most people I know will only take time to fill out complaint forms. I believe this to be a symptom of the general malaise associated with poor customer service. People get fed up with being mistreated constantly by anal workers and become super sensitive to any sort of discrepancy between what they expect and what they get when it comes to service.

I rarely complain, but when the level of service I receive is far below what the entity portrays their standard to be, I will let them know. There is no reason to persecute some poor man or woman in a minimum wage job because of a simple mistake and I always keep that in mind. When they refuse to do their job and don't abide by the policies of the employer then, yes, they should be punished.

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