Thursday, August 16, 2007

News Media

My disdain for the news media is endless. I'll not make this a massive post because I know I could rant for ages.

The past two days there has been so much hubbub in the news concerning a tropical storm that was to hit the Texas coast. A tropical storm. We get dozens of these every year and not one does noticeable damage. The news covered all the search and rescue teams set up before hand to prepare for the hell that nature was going to unleash. What happens? Some unusually high winds and...wait for it...a STORM! With RAIN! Batton the hatches mateys, we're in for a big one. What a joke this is. Today I can't even find a decent weather report on the storm because it was so anticlimactic.

Yeah yeah, I know that everyone wants to avoid a disaster wrought upon a sunken city with a bunch of people that were so purposely forsaken by racist rich white people and the government. We want to negate the massive conspiracy to let black people drown when hurricanes come. I'm glad my tax dollars went to these rescue groups that (any professional in the field could tell you) were unneeded.

Thank you, Kanye.

Bush still hates black people.


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